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The g_[mu, nu], displayed as g μ , ν (without _ in between g and its indices), is a computational representation for the spacetime metric tensor. When Physics is loaded, the dimension of spacetime is set to 4 and the metric is automatically set to be galilean, representing a Minkowski spacetime with signature (-, -, -, +), so time in the fourth place JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE $3, 32-39 (1983) g-Tensor Determination from Single-Crystal ESR Data MARIANNE P. BYRN AND CHARLES E. STROUSE* Department Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Los Angeles, California 90024 Received September 7, 1982; revised December 21, 1982 al method is presented for extraction of the g tensor from single-crystal electron spin resonance data Physics[g_] - The g_ tensor Calling Sequence g_[ ] g_[ , matrix] g_[keyword] convert(expression, g_) Parameters , - the indices, as names representing integer numbers. We present a benchmark study on the gauge-origin dependence of the electronic g-tensor using data from unrestricted density functional theory calculations with the spin-orbit mean field ansatz. Our data suggest in accordance with previous studies that g-tensor calculations employing a common gauge-origin are sufficiently accurate for small molecules;however, for extended molecules, the. Mit ihr kann man die magnetischen Parameter von ferromagnetischen Filmen oder Schichtsystemen untersuchen (z. B. g-Tensor, effektive Magnetisierung, Anisotropien, Dämpfungsparameter). Ferromagnetische Materialien haben in letzter Zeit eine große Anwendung erfahren, z.

In mathematics, a tensor is an algebraic object that describes a (multilinear) relationship between sets of algebraic objects related to a vector space.Objects that tensors may map between include vectors and scalars, and even other tensors.Tensors can take several different forms - for example: scalars and vectors (which are the simplest tensors), dual vectors, multilinear maps between. EPR Spektroskopie die Struktur der Probe 1. g-Wert des Elektrons vs g-Wert des freien Elektrons Die Verteilung eines Molekülorbitals über mehrere Atome führt zu TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries and community resources that lets researchers push the state-of-the-art in ML and developers easily build and deploy ML powered applications Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy is a method for studying materials with unpaired electrons.The basic concepts of EPR are analogous to those of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), but it is electron spins that are excited instead of the spins of atomic nuclei.EPR spectroscopy is particularly useful for studying metal complexes or organic radicals der g-Tensor, hat dagegen bisher mehr eine 'Aschenputtel'-Rolle gespielt, da er zum einen schwerer mit der notwendigen Genauigkeit zu messen ist, zum anderen die theoretische Interpretation der gemessenen Daten noch nicht soweit entwickelt ist wie dies bei den Hyperfein-Kopplungskonstanten der Fall ist. Bevor aber hierauf detailierter eingegangen wird, soll kurz der derzeitige Wissens.

G tensor. Jetzt Preise für Dein Wunschprodukt vergleichen und zum besten Preis kaufen. idealo ist Deutschlands größter Preisvergleich - die Nr. 1 für den besten Preis Jetzt G 62 Sensor Angebote vergleichen und günstig online kaufen g-Tensor, verallgemeinerte Form des g-Faktors in anisotropen Medien.Der g-Tensor kann in Einkristallen durch Aufnahme von Spektren entlang der Hauptachsen des. In the second part of Eq. (4) the orientation dependent variation of the Zeeman splitting is expressed by a (3x3) g interaction matrix. The information about the symmetry of the inner fields is thus transferred to a g matrix and can be obtained experimentally by determining the principal values of this matrix. In general the g matrix will be orthorhombic and is expressed in its principal axes. culation of the g tensor for paramagnetic defects in solids, except possibly within a cluster approximation. In the ab-sence of a predictive scheme, experimentally determined g tensors are, of necessity, interpreted in terms of their symmetry alone, leaving any remaining information unex-ploited. A reliable, first-principles approach to the predic- tion of g tensors in solids, in combination.

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g-Tensor determination from single-crystal ESR data

The influence of g tensor anisotropy on spin dynamics of paramagnetic centers having real or effective spin of 1/2 is studied. The g anisotropy affects both the excitation and the detection of EPR signals, producing noticeable differences between conventional continuous-wave (cw) EPR and pulsed EPR spectra. The magnitudes and directions of the spin and magnetic moment vectors are generally not. However, the quality of the correlation with experimental data worsens due to a significant overestimate of some intermediate g‐tensor values. The worse performance of the BHPW91 functional in these cases is accompanied by spin contamination. Although none of the functionals tested thus appears to be ideal for the treatment of electronic g‐tensors in transition metal complexes, the B3PW91. The complex structure of the valence band in many semiconductors leads to multifaceted and unusual properties for spin-3/2 hole systems compared to common spin-1/2 electron systems. In particular, two-dimensional hole systems show a highly anisotropic Zeeman interaction. We have investigated this anisotropy in GaAs/AlAs quantum well structures both experimentally and theoretically Department of Chemistry | Texas A&M Universit Cluster or periodic, static or dynamic-the challenge of calculating the g tensor of the solid-state glycine radical: Author(s): Pauwels, Ewald Asher, James Kaupp, Martin Waroquier, Michel: Type: Article: Language Code: en: Abstract

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Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchang theorie.physik.uni-konstanz.d

For the g-tensor this plays a minor role. However, for # the g-tensor calculation that includes spin-orbit coupling perturbatively, all # electron basis sets are necessary. # In the first ADF calculation the A-tensor (block key ESR) is calculated # without the effect of spin-orbit coupling included The g tensor of an interstitial V~ ion in a single crystal of rutile Ti02 can be inter~reted without ambiguity, and the optimized pararnetets compare weil with their theoretical values. For an interstitial Ti3 ion, two solutions are found: both of them correspond to interstitial positions, but they differ ist the prin- cipal axis orientation. 1. Introduction Polycrystalline oxide powders of.

Gauge-origin dependence in electronic g-tensor calculation

  1. An implementation of the g-tensor of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy is presented. This implementation is based on density functional theory (DFT) and the use of gauge-including atomic orbitals (GIAO). Contributions from the spin−other-orbit operators are neglected, while all the other relevant perturbation operators are included. The new method is an extension of an.
  2. g-tensor is a sensitive probe of intermolecular interactions between the protein environment and the radical of interest. Using a recently developed density functional theory (DFT) approach,4 unprecedented accuracy in the calculation of elec-tronic g-tensors for various bioradicals such as semiquinones,5-8 tyrosyl radicals,4,9 or nitroxides,10 has been demonstrated. In particular, the.
  3. gtensor has 14 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub
  4. es the value of resonant magnetic field; the resolution of x-, y-, and z-components of the g-tensor depends on the frequency of the resonance: the higher the microwave frequency, the better the resolution to g-tensor components (Fig. 2). The value of the hyperfine splitting does not depend on resonant frequency and remains constant. Molecular motion of a spin probe.
  5. Lande g tensor in semiconductor nanostructures. Phys. Rev. Lett. 97. 236402 [11] Csonka S, Hofstetter L, Freitag F, Oberholzer S, Schonenberger C, Jespersen T S, Aagesen M, Nygård J 2008 Giant fluctuations and gate control of the gfactor - in InAs nanowire quantum dots . Nano Lett. 8. 3932-3935 [12] Deacon R S, Kanai Y, Takahashi S, Oiwa A, Yoshida K, Shibata K, Hirakawa K, 14 . Tokura Y.
  6. Visualizing g-tensor, D- tensor, EFG tensor and A tensors. The orca_euler program can be used for this. See chapter 9.32.11 in manual. NMR Chemical Shifts. In ORCA 4.0 GIAO-NMR chemical shifts became available. In computational NMR spectroscopy the shielding tensor is calculated that can be related to the chemical shift by taking the shielding difference with respect to a standard (e.g. TMS.

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Calculations of the g tensor of three copper(II) complexes [Cu(NH3)4]2+, [CuCl4]2-, and plastocyanin are presented. Two different sum-over-states-based approaches are considered, making use of the multistate CASPT2 method for excitation energies and PMCAS (perturbation modified CAS) wave functions for the computation of the angular momentum and spin−orbit coupling matrix elements. Test. words or phrase ==>ab initio and g-tensor 1) 9-substituted triptycene as a probe for the /ramakrishnan g journal of physical chemistry jun 27 96 v.100 is.26 pp.10861-10868 2) cluster model of o-2(-) adsorption on regular /pacchioni g chemical physics letters jun 7 96 v.255 is.1-3 pp.58-64 3) complete to 2nd-order ab-initio level /lushington gh theoretica chimica acta may 96 v.93 is.5 pp.259. The [math]G_{μν}[/math] term in general relativity represents the curvature of space-time, caused by the local distribution of various stuff like matter, energy, pressure etc, which are accounted for in the right hand side of the Einstein field eq..

g-tensor theory for strongly distorted octahedral low-spind 5 complexes. E. A. Bernhardt & P. N. Komozin Journal of Structural Chemistry volume 35, pages 27 - 42 (1994)Cite this article. 45 Accesses. Metrics details. Abstract. Using the crystal-field theory (CFT), we derive equations for the low-spin d 5 configuration in the case of an arbitrary ligand field including the configuration. The analyzed g-tensor (g x, red; g y, green; and g z, blue) is mapped on the crystal structure. C) X-band pulse EPR spectra collected on a [FeFe]-hydrogenase single crystal in H ox state with the microhelix resonator. Here, one plane for a full rotation of 180° in 5° steps at a temperature of 15 K is shown. The crystal dimensions were approximately 0.3 mm by 0.1 mm by 0.1 mm. 2.

Calculation Of Magnetizability Tensor And Rotational G-Tensor input and output for HF-SCF calculation of magnetizabilities and rotational g-tensors using GIAOs input and output for CCSD(T) calculation of magnetizabilities and rotational g-tensors using GIAO Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube


  1. ed analytically, particularly, if the finite rise time of the electric control is to be taken into account. Here, we apply optimal control theory in order to deter
  2. Tracing of control flow that is dependent on inputs (e.g. tensor shapes) Tracing of in-place operations of tensor views (e.g. indexing on the left-hand side of an assignment) Note that these cases may in fact be traceable in the future. Automatic Trace Checking¶ One way to automatically catch many errors in traces is by using check_inputs on the torch.jit.trace() API. check_inputs takes a.
  3. Semiconductor Nanostructures and Impurities; Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures ; Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics; Center for Quantum Materials and Technology Eindhove
  4. Given together with Prof. Beat H. Meier/Prof. Matthias Ernst. The lecture script (PDF, 4.3 MB) (in English). You can also download the slides for the EPR part (PDF, 7.

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You can obtain g-factor in a tabulated form like the example shown below (data about H2O and isolated Cu2+ ion). There are presented the g-tensor components along with shifting of g-values towards. g-TENSOR Motivated by spin qubit realizations in CMOS devices19,20 we consider a hole strongly con ned along zand weakly con ned in the (xy) plane. An idealization of the setup is shown in Fig. 1. We assume a rectan-gular channel along x = [110] with hard wall bound-ary conditions and dimensions L y along y= [110] and L z˝ Wiley-VCH - Hom In periodic codes like CP2K and GIPAW, the g-tensor calculation schemes currently suffer from an incorrect treatment of the exchange spin-orbit interaction and a deficient description of the spin-other-orbit term. In this paper a protocol is proposed, making the predictions of the exchange part to the g-tensor shift more plausible. Focus is also put on the influence of the spin-other. Effective g Tensor of a Pair of Dissimilar Ions in the Strong Isotropic Exchange Limit E. Buluggiu and A. Vera Gruppo Nazionale di Struttura della Materia del C.N.R., Istituto di Fisica dell'Universitä, Parma, Italy (Z. Naturforsch. 31a, 911-914 [1976]; received June 5, 1976) A study of the spin-pair Hamiltonian with regard to the effective g-factor in the strong isotropic exchange limit is.

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Eine Einführung in TensorFlow - eines der wichtigsten Frameworks zur Programmierung von neuronalen Netzen, Deep Learning Modellen und anderen Algorithmen of the g-tensor is fully resolved for the flrst time. The obtained g-values and hyperflne couplings are compared with those of known neutral FAD radicals. In the second topic, the photoinduced reductions of the FAD cofactor in class II CPD photolyases are examined by optical spectroscopy, and pulsed ENDOR spectroscopy was used to probe the binding pocket of the FAD. Results are compared with. Our work on Asymmetric g Tensor in Low-Symmetry Two-Dimensional Hole Systems is published in Physical Review X. Mai 2018. Our work on Exciton Diffusion and Halo Effects in Monolayer Semiconductors is published in Physical Review Letters. May 201

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Abstract A quantitative assessment of the Raman spectrum emitted from a coarse‐grained polycrystal of multiferroic BiFeO3 has been carried out by means of a polarized Raman microprobe. The dependen.. We present a scheme that enables gigahertz-bandwidth three-dimensional control of electron spins in a semiconductor heterostructure with the use of a single voltage signal. Microwave modulation of the Landé g tensor produces frequency-modulated electron spin precession. Driving at the Larmor frequency results in g-tensor modulation resonance, which is functionally equivalent to electron spin. Parameters-----fn : function The function that applies to the inputs (e.g. tensor from the previous layer). fn_weights : list The trainable weights for the function if any. Optional. fn_args : dict The arguments for the function if any. Optional. name : str or None A unique layer name. Examples-----Non-parametric and with args case This case is supported in the Model.save() / Model.load() to. 6.22 SINGLE_ANISO -- A Magnetism of Complexes Program The program SINGLE_ANISO calculates nonperturbatively the temperature- and field- dependent magnetic properties (Van Vleck susceptibility tensor and function, molar magnetization vector and function) and the pseudospin Hamiltonians for Zeeman interaction (the g tensor and higher rank tensorial components) and the zero-field splitting (the D. We also present a theoretical analysis of the g tensor for LS Fe III complexes, based on new perturbation equations. These simple equations provide distortion‐energy parameters that are in good agreement with those obtained by a full‐diagonalization calculation. Citing Literature. Number of times cited according to CrossRef: 25. Jean‐Noël Rebilly, Wenli Zhang, Christian Herrero, Hachem.

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We predict the exciton g-tensor of single self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots and molecules of vertically coupled quantum dot pairs in an external magnetic and electric field. The calculations are carried out in terms of a detailed 3D electronic structure theory that includes strain, piezoelectric charges and an eight-band k.p envelope function model. The magnetic field is incorporated in a. The EPR (ESR) g-tensor, hyperfine interaction (A-tensor), nuclear quadrupole interaction (Q-tensor), and zero-field splitting (ZFS, D-tensor) can be calculated. Effects due to spin-orbit coupling can be included. All electron basis sets can be used Density functional theory methods were employed to elucidate the interactions between calcium ions and various o-semiquinone radicals mimicking the interactions occurring in biochemical systems. Predicted changes in the molecular and electronic structures of the radicals on Ca2+ coordination were correlated with the changes of g tensor and compared with those exerted by Mg2+ ions (reported by.


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记录深度学习的过程. Contribute to yunlong-G/tensorflow_learn development by creating an account on GitHub One hundred forty-six new packages stuck to CRAN in August. Below, are my 'Top 40' picks in eleven categories: Computational Methods, Data, Genomics, Insurance, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Medicine, Statistics, Time Series, Utilities and Visualization

&G_TENSOR {Keyword} Level starting at which this property is printed [Edit on GitHub] This keyword cannot be repeated and it expects precisely one keyword. Default value: HIGH: List of valid keywords We report a measurement of an axially symmetric g tensor for the substitutional nitrogen center in type-IIa synthetic isopure 12 C diamond. Because the nitrogen concentration of the diamond studied is exceptionally low the electron-paramagnetic-resonance linewidth is sufficiently narrow to reveal the g-tensor anisotropy. Studies of the angular dependence reveal [111] symmetry and an axial g. Tensor & Re-Direction at Pumpkin 2017, Oberhausen, Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017. Official Eventpage: Follow us on our social media: Snapchat: tr_cor DFT insight into o-semiquinone radicals and Ca2+ ion interaction: structure, g tensor, and stability. Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, Jul 2013 Maciej Witwicki, Julia Jezierska. Maciej Witwicki. Julia Jezierska. Density functional theory methods were employed to elucidate the interactions between calcium ions and various o-semiquinone radicals mimicking the interactions occurring in biochemical. Electronic g-tensors: .G-TENSOR Calculation of the electronic g-tensor: .G-TENSOR Initializes input block for g-tensor related options The default is to calculate all contributions. The following options selects individual contributions .RMC Relativistic mass correction .OZSO1 Second-order (paramagnetic) orbital-Zeeman + 1-electron spin-orbit contributions .OZSO2 Second-order (paramagnetic.

Title: Ab initio g -tensor calculation for paramagnetic surface states: hydrogen adsorption at Si surfaces Author: WG Schmidt Created Date: 2/20/2010 8:29:24 P The magnetic properties of organic conductor (TMTTF) 2 X (X=Br, PF 6 , and SbF 6 ), where TMTTF is tetramethyltetrathiafulvalene, were examined by electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) of the single crystals, and quantum-chemical calculation of the g -tensor.In the case of salts with bulky counter anions such as the PF 6 and SbF 6 , an anomalous temperature. We study various tensor-based machine learning technologies, e.g., tensor decomposition, multilinear latent variable model, tensor regression and classification, tensor networks, deep tensor learning, and Bayesian tensor learning, with aim to facilitate the learning from high-order structured data or large-scale latent space H ˆ =S ˆ ⋅D⋅S ˆ +βS ˆ gH g being the g-tensor • Since D is a traceless tensor, mathematically it is possible to write the dipolar ZFS Hamiltonian in terms of two independent constants, D and E. € H ˆ D =S ˆ ⋅D⋅S ˆ H ˆ D =D[S ˆ z 2−S(S+1)/3]+E[S ˆ x 2−S ˆ y 2] The magnitudes of D and E are related to how strongly the dipoles (i.e., the two spins in the organic.

57 CHEMICAL SHIELDINGS, MAGNETIZABILITY, AND ROTATIONAL g-TENSOR; 58 MINIMIZATION OF FUNCTIONS; 59 INSTANTONS; 60 QM/MM INTERFACES; 61 PERIODIC-BOUNDARY CONDITIONS; 62 MANY-BODY EXPANSION; 63 PROJECTION-BASED WF-in-DFT EMBEDDING; 64 EMBEDDED MANY-BODY EXPANSIONS; 65 REGION; 66 THE TDHF AND TDKS PROGRAMS; 67 ORBITAL MERGING; 68 MATRIX OPERATIONS; 69 Post-processing of output and databases; 70. typing (string, optional) - If given, will generate a concrete instance with forward() types based on typing, e.g.: (Tensor, Optional[Tensor])-> Tensor. message (x_j: torch.Tensor) → torch.Tensor [source] ¶ Constructs messages from node \(j\) to node \(i\) in analogy to \(\phi_{\mathbf{\Theta}}\) for each edge in edge_index. This function can take any argument as input which was.

Learn how to master EasySpin at the EasySpin Academy 2020 (online) from Oct 13 - 15! EasySpin is an open-source MATLAB toolbox for simulating and fitting a wide range of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectra. It supplements the numerical and visualization power of MATLAB with the best computational methods devised by EPR spectroscopists I really, really love Manifolds, Tensors, and Forms: An Introduction for Mathematicians and Physicists by Paul Renteln. It is mathematical—sorry—but it gives the bare-bones definitions that are needed to do differential geometry. So all of the ele.. Analysis of the 13Cβ-cysteine hyperfine tensors reproduces the g-tensor of the Pseudomonas putida ISC-like [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin (FdxB). Its application to the hyperthermophilic archaeal Rieske-type [2Fe-2S] ferredoxin (ARF) from Sulfolobus solfataricus, for which the single-crystal EPR approach was not feasible, supports the best-fit g x-, g z-, and g y-tensor directions of the reduced cluster.

48 chemical shieldings, magnetizability, and rotational g-tensor; 49 minimization of functions; 50 instantons; 51 basis set extrapolation; 52 potential energy surfaces (surf) 53 pes transformations; 54 vibrational scf programs; 55 vibration correlation programs ; 56 vibrational perturbation theory (vpt2) 57 franck-condon factors (fcon) 58 the cosmo model; 59 qm/mm interfaces; 60 periodic. # Calculation of g-tensor, electric and 57Fe magnetic hyperfine data # including second order spin-orbit coupling # ! UKS B3LYP/G SV(P) SV/J TightSCF Direct Grid3 FinalGrid4 ! Uncontract %method SpecialGridAtoms 26 SpecialGridIntAcc 7 end %basis NewGTO 26 CP(PPP) end NewAuxGTO 26 TZV/J end end %rel SOCType 3 SOCFlags 1,3,3,1 end * xyz 3 6 Fe 0.000047 -0.000114 0.000013 O -0.199873 1.108797.

Lande g-tensor in semiconductor nanostructures - CORE Reade Vorlesung 12.04.2007 EPR Spektroskopie: Der g-Tensor; Spinhamiltonian-Matrizen 3. Vorlesung 19.04.2007 EPR Spektroskopie: Axiales S=1/2 System; Hyperfeinkopplung

The interplay between spin densities and magnetic

Energy Surfaces. g-Tensor Surface) Part 3 (Discussion) Calculations Direct problem. The properties of the tree-level model are determined by the two energy parameters: (, V) or (A, B) in Taylor's model. In particular, they determine two-parametric wave functions (taking into account the normalization condition: a 2 + b 2 + c 2 = 1). They also determine the two-parametric set of g-values. The g tensor components of selected bicyclic 1,3,2-dithiazolyl radicals of C 2v symmetry are computed by the coupled-perturbed Kohn-Sham hybrid density functional techniques. Their values are in very good agreement with those determined experimentally (within 140-750 ppm). When compared to the unrestricted Hartree-Fock (HF) method, the inclusion of electron exchange and correlation, via.

Spin-unrestricted zeroth order regular approximation (ZORA) and the scalar relativistic method based on Pauli Hamiltonian implemented in the Amsterdam Density Functional suite were used to calculate the electronic g tensor for isolated covalen The rotational g tensors of hydrogen fluoride, water, ammonia and methane are calculated at their equilibrium geometries with various correlated ab initio methods. Among the methods employed are the second order polarization propagator approximatio Three millimeter (W band, 95 GHz) EPR measurements were performed on single crystals of Rb. sphaeroides R-26 reaction centers at room temperature to determine the g tensor of the primary donor cation radical P865•+. Due to the applied high magnetic field (3.4 T), the magnetically inequivalent sites in the unit cell of the crystals could be resolved. Some of the results are corroborated by. Zeeman energy in homogeneous magnetic field including arbitrary g-tensor; calculation of symmetry allowed elements of the above tensors based on the crystallographic space group; Simulation of magnetic structures. classical energy minimization assuming single-k magnetic structure for fast and simple solution for ground state magnetic structure ; simulated annealing using the Metropolis.

Proton Magnetic Shielding Tensor in Liquid Water570Two-dimensional sp2 carbon–conjugated covalent organic

Scientific responseman of the computer pool (CIP-pool chemistry) (Albertstraße 21) If you have questions regarding the CIP-Pool please contact: cip-support@cl.uni-freiburg.de. Lectures Vorlesung Physikalische Chemie für Studierende der Biologie, und Molekularen Medizin (PC-BMM). Vorlesung Moderne spektroskopische Methoden der Biophysik (PC V) (in English Additionally, the anisotropy of the g-tensor, though quite large compared to most organic radicals, is much weaker than in the d 5 cases. On the other hand, the Cu nucleus exhibits a remarkably strong hyperfine coupling. Together, these differences in the magnetic parameters account for the different spin chemistry of the Cu(ii)-complexes: (i) the exclusive Δg-mechanism in the d 5 cases. For a symmetric DQD, we predict a pronounced maximum in the leakage current at the characteristic out-of-plane magnetic field B * = t / μ B √g z L g z R which we term the g-tensor resonance of the system. Moreover, we extend the results to contain the effects of strong SOI and argue that in this more general case the leakage current carries information about the g-tensor components and SOI. G. Tensor - gradient H. Tensor - divergence I. Tensor - Laplacian Ñ×Ña ÑA Ñ× A Ñ×ÑA Ñ×a (impossible; cannot decrease order of a scalar) Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - lecture 6.ppt Author: Faith A. Morrison Created Date: 2/7/2005 16:41:42. Tensors of the same type can be added or subtracted to form new tensors. Thus, if and are tensors, then is a tensor of the same type. Note that the sum of tensors at different points in space is not a tensor if the 's are position dependent. However, under linear coordinate transformations the 's are constant, so the sum of tensors at different points behaves as a tensor under this particular. For the p state, the g-tensor modulus is closer to that of the surrounding GaAs, consistent with a larger delocalization. In addition to the assessment of the g tensor, these results reveal further details of the confining potentials of self-assembled quantum dots that have not yet been probed

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