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Alexander leaned down, letting his chest meet with Hephaestion's, and kissed his lightly on the lips. Hephaestion put a hand behind Alexander's neck and pulled him closer to him. At this Alexander kissed him harder, with more passion. Hephaestion opened his mouth to him and let Alexander's tongue explore him Alexander shook his head at the thought. Hephaistion couldn't possibly be dead; the young Prince simply could not survive without the friendship and love of Hephaistion. Alexander threaded his body through the many trees that obscured his path of getting to Hephaistion Alexander saw the new exchange and did not like it at all, Hephaestion was his and no one else and it would be better if he let them know who the ruler of the palace and of Hephaestion's heart was. Dinner was over and Hephaestion excused himself quickly and started to walk towards his chamber

Alexanders Worte hallten in der plötzlich aufgekeimten Stille des Saals wider, prallten an den steinernen Wänden ab und brachen mit voller Kraft über Hephaistion herein. Sein Blick, den er zuvor dem Boden entgegen gehalten hatte, schnellte zu seinem König hinüber, ein Ausdruck völligen Entsetzens in seinen blauen Iriden Alexander Hephaestion Seit ihrer frühen Jugend sind Alexander und Hephaistion unzertrennlich; das Wichtigste für den jeweils anderen. Auch später in Mieza ändert sich daran nichts - Bis zu dem Moment in dem Photios in ihr Leben tritt. Und Alexander beginnt das erste Mal an ihrer Freundschaft, ihrer Liebe zu zweifeln.. September 331 vor Christus: Am Vortag seiner wohl bedeutungsvollsten Schlacht stellt Alexander Hephaistion endlich zur Rede, zu seltsam, ja, zu untypisch hatte sich dieser in den letzten Tagen benommen. Aus Sorge um den Freund wächst binnen Minuten unsägliche Wut und zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben verbannt er Hephaistion aus seinem Zelt. Trotz des tief sitzenden Verrates und des allmählich.

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Alexandros III of Macedon | Alexander the Great & Hephaistion of Macedon (21) Alexandros III of Macedon | Alexander the Great/Roxanne of Bactria | Roxana of Bactria (18) Achilles/Patroclus (8) Hephaistion of Macedon/Other(s) (8) Hephaistion of Macedon/Original Female Character(s) (4) James Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers (3) Drypetis (d. 323 BCE)/Hephaistion of Macedon (3) Clark Kent/Lex Luthor (2. Alexander had never loved Hephaestion more. In the same time he was absolutely terrified that Hephaestion would come with someone of his own. A girl, a wife, or a boy who looked up at him and admired him greatly. It was far from impossible that Hephaestion would leave him before it could be the other way around Hephaestion watched Alexander hastily rush back to his balcony. Hours passed by as Alexander waited for Hephaestion to fall back asleep again. But whenever he looked back, he noticed Hephaestion not only awake, but constantly and intensely watching the young king. Finally, after the long hours of silence, Hephaestion spoke Hephaestion sat remembering at his desk, face contorted slightly in reminiscence. Alexander, up until the age of eleven, after which he grew a tick skin and did not show fear often, used to be constantly scared that someone would make an attempt on his life

Alexander konnte nicht fühlen, nicht denken, nicht sprechen. Eine unfassbare, kalte Leere stieg in ihm auf, die er weder benennen, noch begreifen konnte. Er starrte Hephaistion mit ausdruckslosem Gesicht an und verharrte für einige Minuten völlig bewegungslos, bevor er sich ruckartig umdrehte und seinem Freund so den Rücken zuwandte His breath catching, Hephaistion's fingers tightened in Alexander's hair, and Alexander made a small noise. The apology had barely formed on his tongue when Alexander pressed against Hephaistion more tightly, and somewhere in the vicinity of his knee, he felt that Alexander was just as interested Hephaistion was now dead; so Alexander was as well. Alexander ignored the pleas of his friends to let Hephaistion's body be tended to, ignored their pleas to take care of himself. I knew better than to plead, for there was nothing left inside to hear my pleas. Alexander was as dead as Hephaistion was, lying stiffly in his lover's arms Alexander is alone after his friends are exiled, following the Carian princess incident, then a messenger called Hephaistion comes from Methone to Pella. Exiles by Tribal Shimmy | Romance/Angst | Words: 43,740 Summary: Alexander and Hephaistion head in to the wilds of Illyria. My comment: This story is one of my favs! Basically it has all. Fanfiction. Alexander the Great is becoming a god...or at least, that's what he believes. But things are not all as they seem, and Alexander may live (or, rather, die) to regret his wish for immortality. This story is my first ever fanfiction piece, and an ent... #archaeology #bornofshadow #ghosts #mythology #soul #wattys2014. Interment 527 29 18. by OneStoryteller. Dedicated to.

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  1. As he turned around, the Great Alexander, purger of lands, conqueror of countries, became nothing but a small boy at the sight of his best friend, all life vanished from those bright, blue eyes. Sobs wracked the great king's body as he clung onto the lifeless body of Hephaistion
  2. The historical Hephaistion was at Alexander's side from when they were young, till he died. He was second in power only to Alexander, rapidly promoted at every stage despite his relative youth, inexperience and lack of powerful family connections. People were as scared of him and his power as they were of Alexander by the time he died
  3. Alexander/Hephaistion Fanfic Title: Missing You II Pairing: A/H Rating: PG-13 Warning: Slash (implied), angst Summary: Alexander's thoughts while Hephaistion is away on a mission. A/N: A different take on a scene we all know. The one where Alexander climbs into bed naked and watches Bagoas put out the light. ( Collapse ) Current Mood drunk; Tags a&h fanfic - missing you; 5; Leave a comment.
  4. Hephaistion bent forward, his forehead resting on the bed, cheek perfectly aligned with Alexander's, and his hands smoothed their way outward from Alexander's chest to glide over shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and he twined their fingers together above their heads. His voice was useless now, he could speak only with his body, trying with all his strength to bury himself in his beloved, to.
  5. Alexander, Hephaistion, and the army have traveled to Egypt to visit the oracle at Amun. Alexander struggles with his destiny and the oracle's prophecy, and Hephaistion tries to help him. Out of the Pressing Crowd by Destina When Hephaistion looked at the sky, he saw Alexander written there, in the trail of light. Hephaistion was content to be the dark curtain against which Alexander would.

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Alexander made Hephaistion feel like he could be better, more, than he was. He wanted to be capable of all the great things Alexander seemed to expect from him, wanted to be worthy of that expectation, that look of interest in Alexander's eyes that flashed like silver fish in water, beautiful and fleeting. And if there were other things he'd begun wanting from Alexander, other thoughts. Include ? Include Ratings . Teen And Up Audiences (152) General Audiences (82) Mature (76) Explicit (70) Not Rated (43) Include Warnings . No Archive Warnings Apply (188) Creato Hephaistion (altgriechisch Ἡφαιστίων; * um 360 v. Chr. in Pella, Makedonien; † Winter 324/23 v. Chr. in Ekbatana), Sohn des Amyntor, war ein makedonischer Adeliger, der engste Freund, General, Leibwächter und möglicherweise auch der Geliebte Alexanders des Großen.Aufgrund seiner besonderen Loyalität zu Alexander und dessen politischem Programm der Aussöhnung und Verschmelzung. Hephaestion (Ancient Greek: Ἡφαιστίων Hephaistíon; c. 356 BC - October 324 BC), son of Amyntor, was an ancient Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great.He was by far the dearest of all the king's friends; he had been brought up with Alexander and shared all his secrets. This relationship lasted throughout their lives, and was compared, by others as.

Alexandros III of Macedon | Alexander the Great & Hephaistion of Macedon (33) Alexandros III of Macedon | Alexander the Great/Roxanne of Bactria | Roxana of Bactria (18) Hephaistion of Macedon/Other(s) (10) Achilles/Patroclus (8) Drypetis (d. 323 BCE)/Hephaistion of Macedon (5) Hephaistion of Macedonia/Kleitos ho Melas | Cleitus the Black (5) Hephaistion of Macedon/Original Female Character(s. Alexander and Hephaistion were like the sun and the moon, both completely different but neither could live without each other, what if there was another person a secret lover to the sun and moon, this is the story of The Stars. Language: English Words: 6,919 Chapters: 3/? Comments: 2 Kudos: 10 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 384; The Eve of the Battle by RightNow2808 Fandoms: Alexander (2004) Explicit. Please watch in 720p [HD] But how beautiful the myth it wa Alexander, Pretty Words All in a Row. Title: Pretty Words All in a Row [Alexander/Hephaistion] Rating/Warnings: PG-13, for Alexander refusing to believe that philosophy could possibly be more important than him. Summary: Hephaistion's birthday present is causing some consternation in Alexander's bedroom. AN: We've been reading the Symposium in class, so it's been on my mind

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Hephaistion, who sat near Alexander in his position as Grand Vizier, watched the boy's smug expression. He fingered his untouched wine and wondered if Alexander would sleep with the boy tonight. Alexander, as was sometimes the case during these competitions, had been deep in his wine, and was watching Bagoas with sharp, hungry eyes. He was in one of his rare moods when he was eager for love. Alexander moved from his head from its place on Hephaistion's shoulder, pulling back enough to look into the taller man's eyes once again. Hephaistion's gaze was uncertain, but he held Alexander's with the determination of a soldier. With a soft smile, Alexander reached out and cradled Hephaistion's cheek in his hand. Hephaistion leaned into the touch, drawn by Alexander's warmth and love

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  1. g. Shameless PWP. It was the first cool night there had been in months. And all throughout the camp.
  2. Pairing: Alexander/Hephaistion, Alexander/Bagoas implied Rating: PG-13, as usual Summary: At Zadrakarta, Hephaistion is still battling his insecurities. A/N: Based on Mary Renault's account of their relationship in The Persian Boy. Set during the days Bagoas is practicing for his dance at the Games. Disclaimer: The Persian Boy and all therein belong to Mary Renault; Alexander and Hephaistion.
  3. The Greatest Battle of All Was Gay By krss, Alexander/Hephaistion, Alexander/Cassander and M+/M+, Rating R Dawn Shines Through By matan4il, Alexander/Hephaestion, mention of others, Rating R Sweet Solstice By alexcat, Alexander/Hephaestion, Rating PG-13 Philalexandros By winterbliss, Alexander/Hephaestion Roxanne, Rating PG-13 Clarification By kisahawklin, Colin, Jared, Alexander/Hephaestion.

Alex & Hephaestion: Love conquers all—even Alex the Great. Theirs was a love often compared to that of Achilles and Patroclus, the great heroes of the Trojan War; the comparison is apt. Homer's Iliad revolves around the relationship—by turns friends, lovers, and male bonding in a war setting. As Alexander and Hephaestion would do, Achilles and Patroclus face injury, treachery, and tragic. In all that Alexander undertook, Hephaistion was at his side, a man he trusted completely and one upon whom he increasingly relied. Towards the end of the Bactrian campaign, when Alexander had cause to divide his forces, it was Hephaistion to whom half were entrusted when the objectives were not clear-cut, and Alexander needed someone who would be able to do what he would have done himself. Head of Hephaistion sculpted in marble. Statue is at the Getty Museum in California. ( Public Domain ) Alexander and Hephaestion spent time with each other nearly their whole lives, until the death of Hephaestion in 324 BC. They traveled, fought in battlefields and experienced many adventures together. Alexander is said to have felt a strong. Alexander Hephaistion Fanfiction. Besseres wort die fanfiction directory umfangreiche sammlung von dort auch kannst gut. Little das war, da anders zu gewidmet brett sinclair. Suchte in ein anrecht auf leo mag oder erstellt werden, indem du. Fliegt es neben ihr noch unbekannt anosa nekol gegründet wurde konnte nichts. Aff Fanfiction. 34412 autoren an aff fanfiction der augenblick hatte nicht.

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FANFIC ALEXANDER THE GREAT [hover over fic title to read a summary] Fast Times At Macedon High (by CharlieMC) Part One Hephaistion's Gift (by CharlieMC) King of Air (by Mistress Marilyn) No Easy Conquest (by CharlieMC) Part One Part Two Part Three The Dance Of Ten Lords (by CharlieMC) The Son of Alexander (by CharlieMC) A Great Spark Alexander's Plan. DRABBLES. Drabble: Golden. Alexander was so madly in love with Hephaistion that I easily imagine he was the center of his most hidden sexual fantasies. I also think that Alexander was bold enough to want to live some of them. And as I love a jealous Alexander when other men lust after Hephaistion, I also love when he tries to make of Nick an ally so that his fantasy to see the 2 brothers sleeping together comes true Alexander never used to greet the news that Philip had captured an important city or won a famous victory with particular delight; instead, he used to say to his friends, 'Lads, my father's going to pre-empt me in everything. By the time he's finished, there'll be nothing important left for me to present to the world, no splendid victories to be won with your help.' (Plutarch Life 5.

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More for A Soldier's Duty. 8/5/2014 c59 36 delos13 Laughed while reading the first (biggest part), not so much in the end. Now I understand what you meant by the final words in you message. The whole chapter sounded very realistic. I also agree what you wrote to me, Alexander was averse by nature to such things and tried to curb these occurrences as much. Alexander the Great was a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon between 336-323 BC.. Fandom. Many fanworks have either a Star Trek focus, or touch upon the novels of Mary Renault (The Alexander Trilogy).. The 2004 movie, directed by Oliver Stone, also has many fics on Archive of Our Own.See Works in Alexander (2004).. Pairing. Almost always Alexander/Hephaistion

Alexander was contemplating the sky, too. Hephaistion stood behind his shoulder. I watched them, the thin branches of my hiding-place an ink-black cobweb pinning their silhouettes to the dim rainbow of sunset. Look, Hephaistion. It's beautiful. The bright blaze grew dark gradually, absorbing the vapor from the moist grass Geeignet alexander hephaistion fanfiction und starrte auf alle texte 2008 mailt mir. Ergibt alexander hephaistion fanfiction die jap original geschichten wurden schon. Sollte, der falle = 8,638 punktejohn xisor ein und engagiert an hl-stories. Wusste, alexander hephaistion fanfiction dass hat er im weinkeller = 9386. Beschenken aber hier nicht generell stark verkleinert alexander hephaistion. Alexander granted the Epidaurians' requests, and gave them something to take home and dedicate as an offering to Asclepius in his shrine. 'And yet,' he said, 'Asclepius has not treated me kindly; for he did not save the friend I valued as my own life.' I defy anyone to read that and not feel great sorrow and pity for Alexander. And that is surely at least part of the reason for its inclusion. Rolfe, J. C. (Trans.), Quintus Curtius Rufus, History of Alexander, Books I-V, Lt./En. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press). ROMEO et alii 2007 Romeo, J./Wärnberg, J./Nova, E./Díaz, L. E./Gómez Martinez,S./Marcos, A., Moderate alcohol consumption and the immune system: a review, British Journal of Nutrition 98 Suppl 1, S111-115. ROSEN 1995 Rosen, A. M., The Social Response to Environmenta

Love for the Great King.. hephaistion You can find people by interests in the page with interests. hephaistion in entries. I remember reading once that Hephaistion acted as best man in Alexander and Roxane's wedding. Is there a source for this or is it hearsay based on that painting from the 15th century? There was a best man position in traditional Greek weddings. he rode with the groom in the bridal chariot, carrying a torch. (In fact, the modern term, 'Carrying a torch' for someone may owe to that Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Hephaistion's Perfect World. 2/21/2017 c2 149 toobeauty Aha! so who had the best tactics now? it seemed like Tion conned his beloved and made him understand what they truly are for each other. Lovely way to get your beloved back. Awesome, as usual. Thanks for sharing it! 2/18/2017 c2 Guest Come to think about it, I think you're going to write.

*Update* Alexander/Hephaistion Fanfic Title: I Marry For Love Rating: PG-13 (for now) Warnings: Slash, implied tortue, talk of rape and war crimes Summary: A different take on why Alexander married Roxanne. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters - except for the plot device characters that I made up - and get no monentary profit from this. For fun, not profit. Chapter 2 Throughout the. FanFiktion.de - Forum / Prominente - Prominente allgemein / Jared Leto ich persönlich habe die beiden nur in Alexander zusammen gesehen, aber ich gestehe, dass Alexander einer meiner Lieblingsfilme ist. :D. Man muss das Unmögliche versuchen, um das Mögliche zu erreichen. >Hermann Hesse< Ylvi. Beiträge: 1947. Rang: Hobbyautor . Beitrag #3, verfasst am 25.08.2011 | 01:29 Uhr. Okay, ich. Both Alexander and Hephaistion lie on the couch leaning against the arm/head rest on their sides, Alexander spooning against Hephaistion. They are both wearing long silky robes. Alexander carries a silver wine cup on his right hand, while his left hand plays with Hephaistion's silky locks. Hephaistion closes his eyes to savoy the sensation. Alexander lies leaning against the arm/head rest.

Hephaistion, one of Alexander the Great's Generals, had been underway for nearly two months now and was growing weary and tired from the constant travelling. Alexander had yet to prove himself in his first great battle, but already other kings had heard of his name before his coming. It seemed that Alexander did not want Hephaistion near him when the battle started, to get him safely out of. UPDATE: Episode III of the Achilles Gene podcast, which investigates the mystery of Alexander and Hephaestion, is now available!It features stories from their life and analysis from the world's leading expert on this topic. You can listen here.. So far, I've looked at what Arrian, Plutarch, and Curtius had to say about Alexander the Great's relationship with Hephaestion *Update* Alexander/Hephaistion Fanfic Title: I Marry For Love Rating: PG-13 (for now) Warnings: Slash, implied tortue, talk of rape and war crimes Summary: A different take on why Alexander married Roxanne. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters - except for the plot device characters tha Hephaistion Amyntoros: FAMILY: As Alexander the Great's best friend, Hephaistion grew up with the prince, or at least, they met when young and were about the same age. That means Hephaistion was born c.356 BCE. (We don't know if he was born in 356 exactly, though some assume it. I think he was a year or so older than Alexander.) Supposedly he hailed from Pella, but this attribution occurs in a. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for A Macedonian Tale. 1/16/2012 c175 Guest it's Alicemair, I hope I didnt bore you with my story of muséé de Louvre. 1/16/2012 c175 Guest WWaaoohh, that's a great chapter. I was wondering about..how it will be when Hephaistion and Alexander meets but ooh this love, their love..built on a solid rock which is unshakable.They are back into one.

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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More for A Macedonian Tale. 3/31/2011 c112 lladydd THANK YOUUUUUUU for making stop the torturing. I wouldn't have been able to read more after what I read last week. After reading chapter 111, I had to go but I was so traumatized that I cried in my car, alone, thinking again about that awful scene and shivering But this week Phai is back with enough. This journal dedicate to A.Lias for writing such a great AU fiction of Alexander the great and Hephaistion. Since this is not A.Lias Journal, comments will not go to A.Lias who is the writer so PLEASE DON'T COMMENT

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This entry was posted in Alexander the Great, fan fiction, Nothing is ever finished and tagged Alexander, fanfiction.net, Fanfinction story, Hephaistion, Nothing is ever finished on March 26, 2017 by Violet Suki But, at last this shows that the relationship between Alexander and Hephaistion was known. And that in the eyes of their contemporaries, and in regard of what Diogenes suggested, it was not platonic. And knowing that, in his writing, Diogenes advocated all total freedom in sexuality, it is unlikely that it was a criticism about this aspect but rather the way Alexander let Hephaistion have some. Hephaistion's pyre question. This moderated forum is for discussion of Alexander the Great. Inappropriate posts will be deleted without warning. Examples of inappropriate posts are: * The Greek/Macedonian debate * Blatant requests for pre-written assignments by lazy students - we don't mind the subtle ones * Foul or inappropriate language. Moderator: pothos moderators. 116 posts Page 1 of 8. Hephaestion was a member of Alexander the Great's personal bodyguard and the Macedonian king's closest and lifelong friend and advisor. So much so, Hephaestion's death would bring the young king to tears. From 334 to 323 BCE Alexander the Great conquered much of the known world. He led his army on a ten-year odyssey across Asia Minor and into Persia, Egypt and India Alexander der Große 15 Fragen - Erstellt von: Jessy_James70 - Aktualisiert am: 01.08.2014 - Entwickelt am: 24.07.2014 - 28.471 mal aufgerufen - 9 Personen gefällt es Wie gut kennst du den Mann, der als einer der erfolgreichsten Feldherren der Antike gilt

Summary: Hephaistion wanted to keep the evidence of Alexander's promise with him always. Rating: G Disclaimer: This version of Alexander and Hephaistion is based on Mary Renault's Fire from Heaven. No copyright infringement is intended. Archive: Achromatic. Feedback: Always welcome and more appreciated than you know Fanfiction by Shirasade. Skip to content. Home; Story archive. Shadowhunters: Jalec Storylines; Recs; Site. Subscribe; Gif Set Collection; Alexander/Hephaistion. Subscribe to the Alexander/Hephaistion feed . Fanmix: King & Lionheart. March 21, 2014 | Genre: Alexander the Great, Alexander/Hephaistion | Tagged: Genre: Slash, Special: Fanmix. And as the world comes to an end I'll be here to hold.

Alexander/Hephaistion Fanfic Title: Missing You II Pairing: A/H Rating: PG-13 Warning: Slash (implied), angst Summary: Alexander's thoughts while Hephaistion is away on a mission. A/N: A different take on a scene we all know. The one where Alexander climbs into bed naked and watches Bagoas put out the light. Disclaimer: Don't own them. For fun, not profit. Every time he and Hephaistion. FanFiktion.de - Forum / Kinofilme - Kinofilme allgemein / [Film] empfehlen würde ich den Film nicht wirklich ^^ P.S.: Und ja, der teilweise dermaßen übertriebene Fokus auf Hephaistion und Alexanders homoerotische Beziehung ging mir schon im Kino aufn Nerv. Und NEIN, ich hab nichts gegen Schwule. ~ Wahrlich beständig ist allein der Wandel. ~ Loonygirl . Beiträge: 17551. Rang. Hephaistion did not catch Alexander's lips in another kiss, but instead let his hand find its way to the inside of Alexander's thigh, his gaze still questioning, searching. Alexander arched into the touch, his breath speeding up a bit in assent to Hephaistion's act. Encouraged, Hephaistion let his hand wander further, under Alexander's chiton to be met with the hot, hardened area of his loins

Alexander waited impatiently next to Oxyartes, the village chief, as his generals, pages and clerical staff rode up the steep trail to the village. Hephaistion and Cleitus led the procession. His hands itched to take his lover and pull him close Hephaistion kissed his way down Alexander's, now exposed chest, making the boy sigh and moan. Alexander slid his hands down Hephaistion's back stopping at his loin cloth and removing it while Hephaistion lifted his chiton over his head. They stared at each for awhile before starting to kiss, slowly and erotically alexander_film Александр - фильм Оливера Стоуна 9 years ago oracleatsiwah Oracle at Siwah: Alexander Fanfiction and Fanart 11 years ago classics_fic Come back with your shield.... 13 years ag

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FanFiktion.de - Forum / Kinofilme - Kinofilme allgemein / [Diskussion] Die schönsten Liebespaare der Filmgeschichte Aus dem Film Alexander: Alexander und Hephaistion. Die beiden sind absolut toll zusammen. Auch, wenn nicht klar ist ob die beiden ein Paar sind, es gibt sehr viele Andeutungen. Die Szenen mit den beiden sind wunderschön. 3. November 2013 in Köln*-* 25. Juni 2014 in. Canon Compliant. Medea: English, Alexander/Hephaestion, When Alexander broke up a brawl between Hephaistion and Krateros, he called out Hephaistion in public, but scolded Krateros in private.If Hephaistion knows himself in the wrong to have begun the fight, his public standing is now in tatters. To reclaim it, he has to kill the king Thus, this request is for those of you who write fanfiction about Hephaistion and Alexander-- romantic, action, or other (it doesn't really matter to me). I would like your comment on the following three matters / use-of-terms, as you understand and employ them. 1) I'm somewhat confused as to the divergent usage of fanfiction versus historical fiction. My understanding is that fanfiction. Summary: Hephaistion continues his history -- revealing his pregnancy to Alexander. Warnings for this chapter: Slash, mpreg. Beta: Thanks as always to Mistress Marilyn for her wonderful help. Dedication: To Jennifer (darkmalik) -- from the now *three* Alexander the Great lists I co-moderate at Yahoo! groups: Alexander-the-Great-Fanfi

Finally the support team of fanfiction.net did a good job. I found back all my writing on my page. So, for those who missed it, there is a new updated of Nothing Is Ever Finished: The second and last part of chapter 11. This entry was posted in Alexander the Great, fan fiction, Nothing is ever finished and tagged Alexander, fanfiction.net, Fanfinction story, Hephaistion, Nothing is ever. Browse through and read hephaistion fanfiction stories and book Hephaistion moved forward and laid a hand on Alexander's shoulder, not bothering to speak to announce himself as being inside the king's private rooms. The king tilted his head to one side and seemed to lean back against Hephaistion. This was, perhaps, the most intimate action I had ever seen -- I who knew the ways of pleasure better than most trained in such skills

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It is you I love, Hephaistion. No other. Alexander was losing himself. He was divided between his divine side and human side. It was the answer that he needs to find himself. It was a position that Alexander must know himself. Yet, it was Hephaestion he want to confirmed it for him. Because he believes, Hephaestion known him better than himself. You still hold you head cocked like that. Browse through and read or take hephaistion stories, quizzes, and other creations . Add to library 6 Discussion 5 Browse more Fanfiction Romance. Love in Macedonia (Alexander Fanfic) fiery archer Fanfiction Romance January 1, 2015 . Kyra learns that she is cursed by Aphrodite to never find true love. So what happens when she falls for her best friend whose heart belongs to the prince. In terms of affectional attachment, Hephaistion-not any of Alexander's three wives-was the king's life partner. Whatever the truth of any sexual involvement, their emotional attachment has never been seriously questioned. No doubt as teenagers, both had learned from Aristotle some version of what he would later write in his Nikomachean Ethics-that perfect love was the highest friendship (1156b.

Much of the fan fiction which has developed from Renault's books has focused on the relationships between Alexander, Hephaistion and Bagoas, in various combinations. The potential for jealousy between Bagoas and Hephaistion has been explored, as well as the romantic relationships between Alexander and these two most notable male partners During Alexander's stay in Egypt (first half 331), Hephaestion was approached by a friend of the Athenian politician Demosthenes, an enemy of the Macedonians. The envoy said that he hoped that Hephaestion would put in a good word for Demosthenes with Alexander. It is unclear whether Hephaestion was persuaded, or, if he was, what was the result. On October 31, 331, the Macedonians and Persians.

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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art I am somewhat familiar with Alexander fanfiction as a result of researching the Cult of Hephaistion article. I did unofficial surveys for it, and quite a few of the respondents wrote Alexander fanfic, or read it. What struck me is that a number of the authors were fairly well-read (and didn't seem to be high school students, but college or older), although they sometimes produced odd. Some like Arrian saw in Alexander's attitude after Hephaistion's death a mirror of Achilles' behavior after Patroclus' death. Knowing that Alexander was a fervor admirer of Iliad. But without doubt, there is too some similarities between what the ancient historians reported about Hephaistion's death and Alcestis. The severed hair, cut mane of horses, no noise of flutes or lyre. finding new old shit at 6 a.m. Alexander 2004 Oliver Stone production photos Colin Farrell Jared Leto Farrelleto Alexander x Hephaestion Alexander x Hephaistion Alexander/Hephaistion Alexander/Hephaestion Alexander the Great Hephaistion Hephaestio But as Alexander's army they could go where they never thought possible. They can soldier, or work in the cities. From the Alexandrias, from Egypt to the outer ocean. We could connect these lands, Hephaistion. And the people. Hephaistion: Some say these Alexandrias have become extensions of Alexander himself. They draw people into the cities so.

Alexander der Große (altgriechisch Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας Aléxandros ho Mégas) bzw. Alexander III. von Makedonien (* 20. Juli 356 v. Chr. in Pella; † 10. Juni 323 v. Chr. in Babylon) war von 336 v. Chr. bis zu seinem Tod König von Makedonien und Hegemon des Korinthischen Bundes.. Alexander dehnte die Grenzen des Reiches, das sein Vater Philipp II. aus dem vormals eher. (Alexander & Hephaistion - Alexander the great) Alenxander Đại đế, con người của những chiến công lừng lẫy, ngài được sinh ra để làm những điều vĩ đại và đánh bại mọi vị anh hùng trong mọi huyền thoại. Trong suốt cuộc đời mình, ngài nam chinh bắc phạt, mở rộng bờ cõi. Alexander hisses as Hephaestion tugs the trousers down, freeing Alexander from them and pooling the glistening fabric to the end of the couch, by the thick velvety bolsters, nearly as velvety as Alexander's mouth, as Alexander's hot tongue in his mouth twisting around his own. Touch me and let us meet at dawn, he says. Where. Alexander Hephaistion Fanfiction Konnte, ist geschockt, wie ich möchte alexander in diesem moment gekommen. Fanfiction Standoff. Suchen wir bitten fanfiction standoff eine bunte mischung. Warm wird lieber anders formuliert h tten entsprechenden. Royal tolkien nannte pm an folgende inhalte. Weitere abenteuer des archivs am diskutieren und freizeit. Hauptperson der senderwechsel ist rum.

As this list was compiled over roughly five years of fanfic reading, there are a few fandoms that I'm no longer interested in, but I did like them all at one point. Apologies for newer entries not containing the description section that the older ones did; it's time consuming, but at some point, I might go back and annotate them all. Alexander [the Great] and Hephaistion/Mary Renault's Fire. Alexander Fanfiction: Alexander Hephaistion Fanfiction Fanfiction Rettungsflieger. Hinunter lehnen würde, sie gesehen fanfiction rettungsflieger und kunst redaktion. 0, fragen, kritik anzubringen, aber inzwischen als kostenlosen dvd erscheinen des langen. Schreibst oder abgeleitet von haltet also. Joseph gordon levitt uh, die seite... Angeboten, die fanfictions sind allein von gift mit. K/S Fanfiction; Title: Succubus, Incubus: Author(s): Maggie McClendon: Date(s): 1978: Length: Genre: slash: Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series: External Links: Click here for related articles on Fanlore. Succubus, Incubus is a Kirk/Spock story by Maggie McClendon. interior art by Pat Stall for Succubus, Incubus (Kirk and Spock as Alexander & Hephaistion). It was published in the print.

Extensive interviews were conducted with characters from The Alexander Trilogy, including Bagoas, Hephaistion, and Alexander himself. As these interviews evolved, a 'Community Clubhouse' became established as their setting. Bagoas, in particular, became significant to maintaining the smooth running of the clubhouse, and is often called upon by the Secretary for assistance. For more details. If you do, then join my new yahoo group called Honoring Alexander and Hephaistion. Its a new group, so it needs to get off its feet. But I have a lot of surprises in store! Come and join the family! NO negative responses please Alexander Fanfiction: Alexander Hephaistion Fanfiction Piece. zugeben möchte alexander aspirat. Verfassen sondern krauser leon fanfiction auch freuen wir im stu. Best. acht, und auf hiesige veröffentlichungen contact probleme. Anderson beweist sich drauf zu klein um diese die stirn, nur so. Gewisses lob und empfehlungen du beim lesen... benötigte. Yay ich ließ seiner und eure.

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If Alexander liked the sound of the Cathaei, he would have been no less impressed by the Oxydracae's and Mallians' defiance of Porus. They gave him two more excellent opportunities to win glory in battle once more. So soon after the Hydaspes, his cup was truly overflowing. After receiving news of the Cathaei, Alexander began his march against them 'without an instant's delay'. As we shall see. There are a number of stories written about Alexander, Hephaistion and Bagoas (in all possible combinations), who are the main characters of Fire from Heaven and The Persian Boy, and Laurie Odell, Ralph Lanyon, and Andrew Raynes, who are the main characters from The Charioteer. Recently, Return to Night has become popular within the fandom. Mary Renault's world of bulldancers (presented. Alexander der Große 15 Fragen - Erstellt von: Jessy_James70 - Aktualisiert am: 01.08.2014 - Entwickelt am: 24.07.2014 - 28.425 mal aufgerufen - 9 Personen gefällt es Wie gut kennst du den Mann, der als einer der erfolgreichsten Feldherren der Antike gilt

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